Cooking Wood

Wood For Pizza Ovens

The best woods for cooking in a pizza oven are cherry, oak, ash, and of course hickory. Oak is the most popular for pizza ovens as it burns the longest and gives off a great aroma. We recommend double-split oak for higher temperatures as it burns hotter and faster.

Wood For Smoking Meat

Pecan, Cherry, Oak, and Hickory are the most common woods used for smoking meats. It really comes down to preference. Oak is a very good place to start. Depending on what meats you are cooking, we can tailor your smoking woods to your personal preferences.

BBQ Woods

We recommend the wood used for smoking/BBQ to be seasoned an estimated 6 months (25-35% moisture content). This allows for enough moisture in the wood to create the right smoke, and hence the smoky taste sought after when cooking on a BBQ. Retaining some moisture in the wood is also helpful when you are trying to cook at low heat for a long period of time. Oak, Hickory, Pecan, and Cherry are recommended best for this.

At Lee's, we offer hickory, ash, oak, and various other types of wood for cooking. We proudly serve restaurants in and around the Charlotte NC area, and would love to help you. We also offer delivery and stacking if needed, and can work around your service schedule. We also provide commercial-grade storage racks, for storing and showcasing wood.

Let us be your wood supplier. Contact us today for a custom quote and learn more about how we provide restaurants with top quality cooking wood.

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