Custom Wood Art

Make a statement and bring your space to life with one of our unique custom handcrafted wood art pieces. We are always finding creative ways to use all of the wood we get and reduce as much waist as possible in the process of bringing people high-quality firewood. One way we do this is by taking unique pieces of wood that we come across and transforming them into incredible works of art. These function as stunning additions to any home or office or outdoor space and generate a ton of conversation with whoever sees them.



Because the wood that we use to create these pieces is naturally occurring you never know what we are going to produce next. Each piece is handcrafted and unique and never mass produced, so you know that your wood art is uniquely yours and no one else will have what you have. Whether it is a table or a piece of wall art or something else that is sure to draw attention, you will be amazed at the detail and the craftsmanship that goes into every piece we create.



There is always a rotating stock due to the availability of certain types of wood so come by and check out what we currently have any time, we would love to show you around. From everything to glow in the dark and lace, religious themes, and functional pieces of furniture everything we create is built to last and be visually stunning.