How To Choose Your Cooking Woods

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

Whether you are smoking barbecue ribs or cooking salmon, what type of wood you choose to cook with is going to drastically alter the taste of the food. We offer a lot of different types of cooking woods to meet whatever needs you have. The most common type of wood to cook with is Oak, but people also commonly cook with hickory, oak, pecan, and cherry. When choosing the wood that you use to cook with, you want to keep in mind the way that it’s going to influence the flavors of the meat as well as the time that you want to cook. For example, certain woods have a lower burning rate that allows them to maintain a lower temperature for a longer period of time. This really comes in handy when you are smoking foods for longer time frames.

There are other types of woods that are great for burning at high heat for a shorter amount of time, so it all comes down to how long you want to cook your meat and how you want the consistency of the meat when it is finished. Another thing you want to keep in mind when cooking with real firewood is moisture content. You want to try and have the moisture content be around 20% and try not to get above 30%. Most green wood has a moisture content of at least 70%, which means that you have to let it dry out for months before you can actually use it to effectively cook with.

Cooking meat with wood that has a high moisture content is going to produce a lot of smoke, which is going to influence the taste of the meat. Here at the woodyard we can help you find different types of firewood and can make recommendations based on your cooking needs for which wood is going to be best suited. With seasons changing you want to start preparing now. Fill up your firewood rack now and begin drying out and seasoning your firewood so that you can have successful gatherings with friends and family and prepare amazing meals on the grill.

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