Questions To Ask Yourself When Stocking Up On Firewood

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

Getting ready for the Fall burning season starts in the spring. In this post I will cover the main things you should think about when preparing for the Fall and winter months, and when to start thinking about them.

How much wood you are planning on using in the cold months? You need to go ahead and order your wood now, and this means you need to think about how much you are going to go through. Sometimes you can get better deals on wood if you buy it early, so the sooner the better when getting your firewood.

How are you going to use the wood? This is going to determine the types of wood you get, how long and where you store it, how much you end up spending, and other factors. For example, if you plan on cooking with wood a lot during the cold months, you want to make sure and stock up on plenty of oak or hickory (depending on what foods you cook more of), and the drying time is going to differ than with wood you plan on burning for heat or for fun.

How do you plan on storing the drying the wood? This is very important because wood that is not properly stored will not be ready for you to burn when the cold season starts. Examine your wood racks to make sure they are set up and ready for the summer months to dry the wood out. Also, take into account the first point which is how much wood you plan on using, and make sure your firewood racks can accommodate. Planning early is going to help you figure out if you need to purchase more rack space for storing your wood, so the better you plan, the less hassle you will encounter when the cold hits.

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