The 3 Things To Consider When Choosing A Firewood Rack

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

Stacking your firewood on a sturdy rack is not only recommended, but crucial to properly dry out and season the firewood for use. However, many times the firewood racks people choose are not optimal and don’t dry the firewood out as much as it needs to be. When you’re selecting a firewood rack you need to keep three main things in mind.

1. You want your firewood to be elevated off the ground so that it stays cleaner as well as allows air to flow underneath the wood and dry it out. So select a firewood rack that puts a distance between the ground and the bottom of the firewood to allow for these things to take place.

2. You want your firewood to be covered on the top to prevent the wood from getting soaked. When selecting a firewood rack try to select one that includes a cover for the top of the firewood to prevent rain from soaking the wood.

3. Having a firewood rack that is sturdy and durable should always be a top consideration. Get a firewood rack that is made of high-quality steel or commercial grade materials that will be sure to last many years to come.

If you focus on these three things you should have a firewood rack that lasts a long time, keeps your firewood protected, and prepares you for many years of great burning.

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