Firewood For Sale

Types Of Wood

We sell all different types of firewood including ash, red and white oak, hickory, pine, pecan, cherry, and other hardwoods. Our average cut is about 16 inches, but offer custom cuts in any length or thickness (22", 24", etc.). We sell our wood by the piece, bundle, 1/8 cord, 1/4 cord, 1/2 cord, or full cord ++. All of our firewood is locally harvested here in North Carolina.

Whether you are cooking, heating your home, entertaining friends with an outdoor fire pit, or whatever your intended use, we have you covered. We offer top quality firewood that burns clean and long. You will always get wood from us that is completely split or that is not uniform in size and shape. All of our firewood is unprocessed, meaning what you can expect is natural, with zero chemicals or additives.

Measurements Of Wood

We sell our firewood by volume or by the piece. We sell bulk firewood in full cords, half cords, quarter cords, bundles, trunk loads, van loads, etc. A cord of firewood (sometimes called a bush cord) is 128 cubic feet. A half cord (64 cubic ft.) will fill up a pickup truck rainbowed in the middle. You may also hear the term "face cord"  which refers to 1/3 of a full cord.

One very important aspect of firewood is understanding moisture content. You don't want too much moisture in your wood because it won't burn as efficiently and will often times produce a lot of smoke during the burning process. Seasoned firewood ideally needs to be 25% or less moisture content, and usually takes around 9 months to reach, from the time it is first split. Green wood is a term used to describe wood that has recently been harvested from trees, and has not had time to dry out. Green wood typically contains around 70-85% moisture content, and will be harder to burn right away. You will want to store green wood for a season to let it dry out, so when purchasing green wood make sure you are planning for the time needed to dry before use.

Delivery & Stacking

We offer delivery and stacking of firewood up to a 50 mile radius (including Denver and Charlotte) from our main location in Huntersville, NC. For firewood delivery and stacking, call for details. Our trained delivery drivers are always on schedule and clean up neatly before leaving your location.

Roman Candles

Want a single source of fire for hours at a time? Our roman candles give you hours of brilliant fire with less hassle and less cost. We sell various sizes of roman candles that range from 2 hour burn time up to 5 hours depending on outdoor conditions. Contact us today to reserve your roman candle.